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NAMCO is pioneering once more with the establishment of the R&D LAB OF APPLIE INNOVATIONS within its premises. The “HERACLES” lab is the trailblazer opening, new paths in the R&D field of applied innovations, particularly in the automotive field.

In the HERACLES R&D modern hall, young Greek and foreign researchers will have the means to create freely their concepts, ideas, and models around the automotive field and not only.

In the very near future, the HERACLES lab will have ready its new expansion of about 2000m2, with all modern measuring equipment and tools. Its target being to contribute effectively in the selection and developing of any talented researchers, within its frame philosophy of TALENTISM, towing the mass towards economic and social growth; unleashing human talents and using special brain systems and methods.

NAMCO has decided to allocate to the HERALCES R&D LAB the 75% of its material and immaterial assets through NAMCO-KONDOGOURIS FOUNDATION. In addition, for the best innovation that is successfully commercialized there will be awarded a prize of €50,000.

The progressive statute of the HERACLES R&D Lab foresees that all net profits of its innovations will be distributed by 50% to the innovators themselves and the rest to the NAMCO-KONDOGOURIS FOUNDATION for its scientific and social programs.

Greek researchers have an exemplary presence throughout the world. The name only one of the automotive field; SIR ALEX ISIGONIS, who conceived and realized the famous automobile MINI of the then BMG, which even today, 2015, is an important profit bringer to BMW of Munich-Germany.

NAMCO is cooperating with some selected foundations and R&D Labs, as well as recently, 2015, with the GREEK ECONOMIC FORUM. It has a particularly strong cooperation with the Technical Universities of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, USA, and Israel.

A special committee of experts evaluates carefully selected innovative concepts and promotes same further to the level of their commercialization

The foundation is strictly for PROFIT. All operations and deals should be profitable, aiming at the development of applied innovations, which contribute to the economic and social growth.

Its main objective being the just and honest selection of the talented visionary persons to put them to work for the economic growth and social solidarity.

NAMCO solid motto:



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